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A Walk With Native Couture
Original Wire Wrapped Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry, Designed by Crystal McCarey

Wire wrapped gemstones and crystals feature the CrystalHugger Twistwrap wire-wrapping styling which is a minimal, earthy and organically styled wire wrapping technique I designed to showcase transparent faceted gemstones and crystals in a way that allows for a 360 degree view of the entire gemstone. A gemstone's total beauty can be admired at all times and from all angles in my wire wrap design. If you enjoy original couture styling and beautiful gemstones, you may enjoy wearing my design. Great stones designed in my wire wrap design always get a second and third look and start conversations, it is the uniqueness of the design combined with the magnificent sparkle of the stones. Twistwrap styling can be tailored for single or double wire styling - depending upon how much wire you want to see. Wire size is aligned with stone size to ensure a strong twistwrap. Make a lasting and memorable impression wearing wire wrapped gemstone and crystal jewelry designed by CrystalsCrystals.com. How nice that the Twistwrap allows you to see your entire gemstone without a third or more of it being covered with traditional mounting. Start with beautiful, flawless crystals and graduate to gorgeous, flawless semi-precious and precious gemstones.

Songwriter, ASCAP member, (UMPG Publishing)
Original harmony and vocal arrangements, music covers and sketch collaborations for film, television, commercials, concert and theatrical.
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Songwriting   ♦   Melody & Harmonies   ♦   Vocal Arrangements   ♦   Harmony Covers

Music For The Rhythms Of Life

More music listening enjoyment awaits you at Rhythm Channel One
there is always more music ... take a moment and browse my collection of Music Playlists on Rhythm Channel One

Minutes turn into hours when listening to GREAT music ...

Rhythm Channel One music playlists include Soul, r&b, jazz, latin, pop, oldies, alternative, ambient,
K-pop, chillout, beatz, experimental, trap, albums, best of and greatest hits ... Classic Soul Train
and featured artist playlists including:

Earth, Wind and Fire, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Duke, Natalie Cole
The Cinematic Orchestra, Ludvig Cimbrelius, Pat Metheny ... and more.

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